Alliance Society

Lafayette Parish Medical Society Alliance

(Physicians and Physicians’ Spouses Dedicated to the Health of the Adadiana)


Mission / Purpose

The Lafayette Parish Medical Society Alliance was started in 1938 with ten Charter Members. Our members might have changed over the years, but our mission still remains the same.

The purpose of the Alliance is to promote health education, to volunteer in activities that meet health care needs, to support health related charitable endeavors, to assist in programs that improve the health and quality of life for all people, and to lend support to the Lafayette Parish Medical Society.

Our members are composed of physicians, physicians’ spouses, residents’ spouses, widows or widowers of physicians in the Lafayette area.

We would love to welcome you into our organization. We offer many monthly activities, please don’t feel you have to attend every activity. We can always use new people with new ideas. We hope to welcome you soon into the Lafayette Parish Medical Society Alliance. There is always a place for you to plug into no matter how much or little time you can donate to our organization.

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Prayer of Physicians’ Spouses

Great Physician and Father of all Mercy, grant wisdom and skill to them who seek to heal the sick and minister to the suffering. Fill them with strength, courage, tenderness, and a love for their art and for their fellow men. And to us, their spouses, Oh Lord, grant compassion and understanding hearts.

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