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Please Extend a Warm Welcome to the Following New Members of LPMS...

Tyler Perrin-Bellelo, MD Internal Medicine

Emily Prouet, MD Ophthalmology

Ryan Farmer, MD Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Rachel Barry, MD Otolaryngology

Amanda Logue, MD Internal Medicine

Steven Spike, MD Vascular Surgery

Albert Gutierrez, MD – Pediatric Cardiology

Julie Foreman, MD – Ophthalmology/Glaucoma

Navita Gupta, MD – Internal Medicine

Noah Oliver, MD – Podiatry

Supraja Yeturi, MD – Rheumatology

Ann Chauffe, MD – Rheumatology

Bradley Champagne, MD – Colon and Rectal Surgery

Brian Kelley, MD – Oral and Maxilliofacial Surgery

Shaundra Grisby, MD – Breast Surgical Oncology

Isabella Sledge, MD – Internal Medicine

John D. Martin, MD – Anesthesiologist

Kenneth Habetz, MD – Pediatric Neurology

Jacob Landry, MD – General Surgery

Mandy Maness, MD – General Surgery

Abigail Hart, MD – Obstetrics and Gynecology

Susan Williams, MD – Rheumatology

Bruce Williams, MD – Pathology

Claudia Cuervo, MD – Psychiatry

Mark A. Sicard, MD – General Surgery

Abigail N. Hart, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology

Andrew Collins, MD Allergy & Immunology

Stuart G. Clark, V, MD - Pediatrics

Libby L. Going, MD – Family Medicine

Lauren F. Luke, MD – Family Medicine

Michelle M. Taylor, MD – Family Medicine

Rajachendra S. Tumma, MD- Internal Medicine

Ariadne Gauthier, MD - Lourdes Physician Group

Frankie Rholden, MD - Lafayette Dermatology

Emily Speeg, MD - Lafayette Dermatology

Lien Kim Bui Drew, MD - Lafayette Dermatology

Jacob Karr, MD - Gastroenterology

Ryan P. Chastant, MD - Facial Plastic Surgery

May S. Thomassee, MD - Gynecology

Techksell M. Washington, MD - Oncology

Reatha M. Williams, MD – Women’s Multi Specialty Group


A Great big welcome to you all!